Various Names and Divisions of the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation

By the time the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation of America had filed for bankruptcy in 1991, the company had several names and several divisions that operated underneath its auspices.  These included the following:

Bank Building Corporation

Bank Building and Equipment Corporation

Loughman Cabinet Company


Bank Building Corp. Institutional Facilities

Bank Building Corp. Healthcare Facilities

Medical Facilities Group

Financial Research Associates (FRA)

American Material Co. (AMC)

Marble Craft

Financial Facilities Group

Bank Building Mid-Continent Region (St. Louis)

Bank Building Rocky Mountain Branch and Western Branch

Bank Building Seaboard (Atlanta)

Bank Building Eastern Region (Hartford)

Bank Building Southwest Region

Bank Building Group

BBC Manufactured Buildings, Inc. (MBI) (subsidiary of)

Accesseron Products, Inc. (API) (subsidiary of)


Successor and Spin-off Companies

The success of the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation allowed many successful executives to become senior advisors to other companies and start their own consulting firms for financial design and building.  One of these firms in the mid-1970s was Financial Building Consultants in Atlanta, Georgia where former Bank Building & Equipment Corp. regional reps James Blessing and “Mac” McKenzie started the new firm and a few other employees came along to start the new company including Everett Blahut and Hussein Aal.  Financial Building Consultants provided both architectural and construction management services in a design/build package for clients.  However, the firm had many ups and downs and in 1975 McKenzie split to form a new company in Atlanta called Financial Structures.