Pascagoula-Moss Point Bank Pascagoula, MS 1961

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Pascagoula – Moss Point Bank
3207 Magnolia St.
Pascagoula, Mississippi
Date of Construction:  1961
Architect:  Bank Building & Equipment Corp. of America
Designation:  None

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Only a few details separated the original concept of the Pascagoula-Moss Point Bank from the final product.  As conceived, a four-story building would be anchored by a fire red brick corner tower, displaying a colorful blade sign for the bank.  Each of the two main street facades were to be largely covered with glass and sets of window louvers to block the southern sun.  On one of the main facades, a decorative pillow-top like pattern was portrayed atop the building with dots along the façade.  The first floor was shown to be completely transparent with all glass.

The only changes to the original plan may have been the omission of the decorative corner-mounted blade sign.  Alterations are also likely to have been made to the building’s exterior since its construction including painting it a cream color and removing the window louvers, which has been common due to maintenance issues.  To exacerbate issues here, the building was damaged by the massive inland storm surge associated with Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  For several years after that, it was closed for renovations but was likely not substantially changed further on the exterior.

As of 2009, the building was utilized as a branch of Hancock Bank.

Photo credit:  David Preziosi