Security Federal Savings & Loan St. Petersburg, FL 1961



Security Federal Savings & Loan Association
Address Unknown
St. Petersburg, FL
Date of Construction: 1961
Architect: W.A. Sarmiento for the Bank Building & Equipment Corp. of America
Designation: None

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The Security Federal Savings and Loan Association was designed by W.A. Sarmiento, chief designer for the Bank Building & Equipment Corporation of America.  The estimated cost of the structure and furnishings was reported to be $900,000.  Completed in 1961, the building consisted of a seven-story circular structure with a main floor circular lobby enclosed by glass and attached to an eight-story rectangular mass.  On the interior, a circular staircase, sometimes called a “horn of plenty” and one of Sarmiento’s design hallmarks, led to a second floor upper lobby with executive offices.  The sixth floor “skyline room” had a 74-seat employee lounge and dining area.  There one could get a view of the Tampa Bay area and St. Petersburg skyline.  The seventh floor contained the 150-ton air conditioning system and storage space, which at the time was unique to put all the mechanical equipment on the roof.  The rectangular mass also contained all the elevators, stairways, plumbing, and HVAC, allowing the more prominent circular office tower to hold office space and command the views out of the ribbons of horizontal windows.